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Quick And Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Home's Curb Appeal


Whether you're getting ready to put your house on the market or just interested in giving your home a makeover, giving your home's exterior a cosmetic boost doesn't have to be a major project. Here are some quick and easy ways you can instantly boost your home's curb appeal without breaking a sweat- or the bank!

Tidy Up Your Landscaping

Cleaning up your lawn doesn't have to be a major overhaul. Take a day to mow and edge your lawn, trim back any overgrown bushes and plants that have started looking a little wild- or just hire a landscaper to take care of it for you, if yard work isn't your idea of a fun afternoon.

Install Flower Boxes Or Container Gardens

Planting flowers is an instant way of adding some color and pop to your home's exterior. Window boxes are a popular method of adding flowers to your home in a way that's aesthetically attractive and easy to maintain. Even if you don't like window boxes, getting a few container gardens to grow flowers or herbs can have the same effect when placed around your porch and are much easier to maintain than regular gardens, which can easily become overgrown.

Wash The House

Giving the house a good pressure washing will help clear it of dirt, moss, algae, and any other blights on its surfaces that are detracting from its looks- plus, it's important maintenance for improving your home's structural integrity. Different types of services require different cleaning techniques, though- concrete requires power washing to clean, while more delicate surfaces like windows and roofs can only handle a soft wash- and some tasks like roof cleaning or gutter cleaning can be dangerous for homeowners to tackle themselves. Don't be hesitant to contact a pressure washing professional to handle your outdoor cleaning if the need arises.

Paint Your Front Door

If your front door has started looking faded or blah, refresh its looks with a fresh coat of paint! Whether you're trying to restore it to its original color or you're shaking it up with a new color entirely, a new paint job for your door will instantly brighten it up and make it stand out. Take the time to touch up the trim around the windows with paint too, if needed.

Replace Old Hardware

Loose doorknobs? Rusty mailbox? Faded street numbers? Replace these pieces of worn-out hardware with brand new ones! Don't be afraid to go for a different design than the original if it will update the look of your home. This is a great way to make your home look a little more modern without having to do very much.

Clean and Replace Your Lighting Fixtures

Make sure you replace any burnt-out bulbs in the lighting fixtures around your house. Clean or replace the fixtures as needed, and check for any potential hazards like loose or frayed wires. Installing landscape lighting is a great way to accent your home's exterior and illuminate the walkways up to your front door. There are even solar options, so you don't have to worry about extra wiring!

These are just a few basic ways you can maximize your home's beauty without having to do very much! It can be easier than you expect to upgrade your home's look when you make simple changes like these.

And remember, when it comes to boosting your home's curb appeal, nothing helps like a good exterior pressure washing like the ones we provide at Ej's Powerwash & Detail! Call us today and we'll help you get your home looking brand new.

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