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Simpsonville's and Greater South Carolina Dependable Driveway Washing Pros

Driveway cleaning

When caring for the exterior of your Simpsonville and Greater South Carolina home, don't neglect to check under your feet- schedule a driveway washing with Ej's Powerwash & Detail! We are personally committed to keeping South Carolina beautiful, and there's no better way for us to follow through on that mission statement than giving every project our best effort. One of our special treated power washes will knock out contaminants, restore it to its former color, and help extend your driveway's lifespan.

Why Driveway Washing Is Important

We're so used to walking and driving over our driveways every day that we don't often notice that it's started looking rough until it's way past its prime. Driveways are meant to take a lot of punishment, handle foot and vehicular traffic every day, and last throughout all kinds of weather. Over time though, your driveway collects contaminants from all kinds of sources- oil, transmission fluids, and other pollutants dripping from your car, mold, and algae growing in the concrete, water stains, dirt- the list goes on and on. Not only do these contaminants make your driveway look gross, but they can also weaken and deteriorate the concrete itself. This effect is doubled during wintertime cold snaps, as water that enters compromised concrete will expand during a freeze. Left untreated, the weakened concrete will begin to crack, split, and flake. That's why regularly pressure washing your driveway is essential, as it will wash out the contaminants that would otherwise compromise it. Washing your driveway is also important in preparing it for a new coat of sealant, which will also help extend its lifespan. Overall, not only is driveway washing a cosmetic treatment, but it is also integral to maintaining its integrity over time.

Concrete Cleaning

Our crew uses an intensive power wash with a cleaning solution to flush out pollutants in our driveway washing, enough to wash away oil and mechanical fluids and kill mold and algae. We take the extra time to make sure your driveway is fully cleansed from top to bottom. We believe you'll be amazed at how far we can turn the clock back on a faded dirty driveway- we don't call ourselves the best Simpsonville and Greater South Carolina pressure washing crew for nothing!

Even on concrete surfaces that aren't exposed to vehicular traffic and car fluids, frequent cleaning is important for removing natural contaminants that can damage concrete such as mold or algae growth. Pair your next driveway washing with our sidewalk cleaning service, and protect the looks and structural integrity of all the concrete areas around your home's exterior.

Driveway washing doesn't have to be a chore when you leave it to Ej's Powerwash & Detail, Simpsonville's and Greater South Carolina's finest pressure washing business! Call us now at 864-684-4981 to book your next cleaning with us, and give your driveway the deep clean it deserves.

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