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Your Spartanburg home should be a place that's comfortable, inviting, and somewhere you're proud to come home to every day. If you find the exterior of your home is not living up to that expectation, though, it may be time to give it a pressure washing that will remove grime and restore its natural good looks. And of course, when it comes to professional pressure washing, there's no better team for the job than the folks at Ej's Powerwash & Detail. We may be a small family company, but we deliver efficient and high-quality work to our clients that would put our large-business competitors to shame. With years of experience and a positive reputation with the local community in and around Spartanburg, we've made a great name for ourselves. And now, we want to help you out with your next cleaning project for your property.

Whether you've got a home or a commercial property here in Spartanburg that needs a professional clean, Ej's Powerwash & Detail is here to provide you with five-star pressure washing service at premium efficiency and affordable prices. Give us a call at 864-684-4981 to book your next cleaning.

Protecting Your Spartanburg Home With Gutter Cleaning

All homeowners know that having clogged gutters during the rainy season is a splattery nuisance, but some may not know just how serious ignoring the problem can be. The point of gutters and downspouts is to direct water away from the house, and when they're choked up with leaves and debris, the water spills straight down the sides of the walls themselves. While the water damage to your walls is already problematic, the real danger comes from the water settling into the ground itself. As more and more water pours down, it softens the earth it sinks into, going further and further into the ground all the way down to the home's foundation. Over time, the ground around the foundation weakens, which can eventually lead to the foundation cracking, among other serious structural issues.

While gutter cleaning is an obnoxious stressful chore, it's a small preventative measure to protect yourself against serious structural damage over time. If you (understandably) don't want to clean your own gutters, whether that be because it's an unsafe task or because it's simply uncomfortable and exhausting, Ej's Powerwash & Detail has you covered. We'll clean your gutters quickly and efficiently, even taking the time to brighten your gutters' exteriors, if you request that service. Not only can we optimize your gutters' function, but we can also improve their aesthetic appeal, boosting your curb appeal among your other Spartanburg neighbors. Now that's a double whammy of good service.

Spartanburg's Pressure Washing Pros To The Rescue

Don't get overwhelmed by home cleaning! We're here to make would-be major cleaning projects a breeze for our customers.

  • Black algae streaks turning your roof ugly? Our roof cleaning uses a gentle soft wash with an EPA-approved cleaning solution to safely yet efficiently rid your roof of the unsightly algae and other debris.
  • Your deck came out of the winter months looking stained and slimy? We'll safely give it a good washing down that rids it of contaminants like dirt and moss growth, getting it ready for company (or a new coat of sealant).
  • Auto repairs left a mess on your driveway? We can make quick work of the unsightly stains by power washing your driveway free of pollution, restoring it to its original color.

For any kind of exterior cleaning issues, we've got an answer to the problem. And if you own or operate a business in the Spartanburg area, remember that we offer an array of commercial pressure washing services, including fleet washing and mobile detailing. No job is too big or too small for the pros at Ej's Powerwash & Detail. We're always here to save the day!

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