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Mauldin Relies On Ej's Powerwash & Detail For The Best Pressure Washing Services


When you're looking for exemplary pressure washing service in Maudlin, there's no one better for the job than Ej's Powerwash & Detail. We're a small family company with years of experience and an established positive reputation throughout the local area. As South Carolina natives ourselves, we're committed to keeping our state beautiful, and that means going the extra mile for our clients to help them keep their homes and businesses beautiful. From gentle soft washing to heavy power washing, we have the means to clean any kind of surface with professional efficiency and care, beautifying your property and freeing it of pollutants and contamination that would otherwise harm it. Whether you're looking to give your home's exterior a spring cleaning or give your commercial property a competitive cosmetic edge against the other businesses in Maudlin, give us a call.

Gutter Cleaning Solutions Right Here In Maudlin

The next time it's time to clean your gutters out, don't get out the ladder! Aside from the dangerous climb and risk of encountering a nest of angry insects, gutter cleaning is an unpleasant and exhausting job. Luckily for you, we're just a phone call away to help you get those gutters cleaned out in double time. We go above and beyond with each one of our projects- we can do more than just clear out your gutters. So if your gutters are looking faded and shabby, ask us about our gutter brightening service! We can restore the gleaming bright color of your gutters underneath the layers of dirt and grime, instantly boosting your Maudlin home's curb appeal.

The Premier Choice For Pressure Washing in Maudlin

The pros at Ej's Powerwash & Detail can help you improve and maintain your home in many ways. The next time you're ready to clean your deck off in preparation for the warmer months, don't get out the scrub brush and detergent. Call us to do a deck washing instead, and we'll have it looking like it was when it was first built. If you need help washing your house or roof free of algae and mold, we can provide a gentle soft washing that will rid your home of contaminants without damaging its exterior. Whether you need help pressure washing a residential home or a commercial property, we've got you covered.

Caring for your Maudlin home or business is a breeze when you book Ej's Powerwash & Detail for your pressure washing needs! Call us at 864-684-4981 to schedule a service with us today!

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