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Deck Washing For Your Simpsonville and Greater South Carolina Property

Deck cleaning

Has your deck started looking aged and slimy? A deck washing from the local Simpsonville and Greater South Carolina pressure washing pros at Ej's Powerwash & Detail may be the answer to its problems. Let us help you by washing away dirt, algae, and debris with our gentle treated soft wash, giving it a clean new appearance and aiding it in withstanding the elements through every kind of weather.

Wood & Composite Deck Cleaning

A beautiful deck can be an ideal gathering place for your friends and family, especially during the warm months. Unfortunately, decks are very susceptible to being overtaken by algae, moss, and lichen. Even composite surfaces can be overtaken by the slimy grey and green growths over time if not washed away, and natural wood can be dried out and aged prematurely if the invading growths are not taken care of. Deck washing preserves your deck's inviting looks and improves its vitality. We go the extra mile to provide exemplary service in our deck washing projects. Our soft wash is gentle enough to neither warp and splinter natural wood nor dent composite surfaces, and our cleaning solution will make the unsightly algae and moss overgrowths a thing of the past. If it's time to replace your deck's sealant, we've got you covered there too. From start to finish, we make cleaning and restoring your deck's appearance simple and stress-free. We're not just the premier providers of pressure washing in Simpsonville and Greater South Carolina- we also consider ourselves home exterior beauty experts too, and there's nothing more beautiful than a clean, welcoming deck for you to share with your loved ones. Don't hesitate. Schedule a deck washing to fight back the elements and keep your elements.

Preserving The Beauty of Your South Carolina Home

Our mission has always been centered around keeping South Carolina beautiful, and we're here to help our clients do that any way we can. While we love doing smaller-scale projects like deck washing, we've still got the means to clean your whole property. So if your house itself has started looking dirty and dingy, book us for a house washing to restore and reinvigorate its appealing appearance. Just as algae can take over and age a deck, it can do the same to your roof, so if you see black streaks forming up there, have us do a roof cleaning to knock it right out. If your driveways and sidewalks are looking stained, we can power wash the detritus away and have them shining in the sun once more. Caring for your home and keeping it beautiful doesn't have to be an intimidating prospect when you put us on the job.

Greet the warm Simpsonville and Greater South Carolina summers with a clean and beautiful deck- schedule a deck washing with Ej's Powerwash & Detail today! We're just a phone call away at 864-684-4981. We can't wait to help!