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Your Simpsonville and Greater South Carolina Roof Cleaning Specialists

Roof cleaning

If your roof has recently weathered a storm or has started looking dark and streaky, it's time to schedule a roof cleaning to get it taken care of and restored to its natural good looks! The Simpsonville and Greater South Carolina pressure washing experts at Ej's Powerwash & Detail take away the stress of maintaining your roof's health and appearance with our gentle yet effective soft washing techniques.

Cleaning For Your Roof's Longevity

Unless a specific event occurs to draw our attention towards it, such as a recent storm, it can be easy to unintentionally overlook roof cleaning as part of your home's exterior maintenance. Even when it isn't covered in obvious debris, however, it's important to wash your roof down at least a few times a year. By scheduling a roof cleaning at regular intervals throughout the year, you can beat back Gloeocapsa magma- aka black algae- from overtaking your roof. While the black algae growths may seem like only a cosmetic nuisance, they're actually causing your roof to age quicker by drying out the shingles they feed upon. We are personally committed to keeping South Carolina beautiful, and there's no better way for us to follow through on that mission statement than giving every project our best effort.

Getting them cleaned off of your roof is the tricky part though. Climbing up there with equipment is unsafe, but trying to clean your roof from the ground with a standard pressure washer may not reach it all, even with an extender. In addition, many homeowners make the mistake of power washing their roofs. This is potentially incredibly harmful to their home. Pressure washing is too intense for most roofs and will chip, dislodge, or even entirely blast away your shingles, and can even force water into the wood itself, which can rot out your roof. Roof cleaning requires a gentle yet thorough technique.

Soft Washing: The Solution For Your Roof

That's where we come in. Despite describing ourselves as quality providers of pressure washing for Simpsonville and Greater South Carolina, we especially pride ourselves in our soft washing, a cleaning technique often overlooked by homeowners. By tackling your roof with a low-pressure soft wash while using our gentle, EPA-approved cleaning solution, we can wash away offending algae and clear off debris without damaging your roof. With our specialized equipment, we're able to reach every part of your roof, making sure that we don't miss a single spot. And since we're focusing on your roof already, why not book us for a gutter cleaning too? No need to risk a dangerous climb up to your roof to do exhausting work when we're easily available with our affordable rates.

Don't overlook your roofs, Simpsonville and Greater South Carolina- let Ej's Powerwash & Detail handle your roof cleaning for you! There's no one like us in the area when it comes to efficiency and care in our work, and at very reasonable rates too. Give us a call today at 864-684-4981 and we'll start on getting your roof looking brand-new again.

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