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Professional Roof Cleaning Enhances & Protects Your Rooftop

Roof washing

How many of us stand outside our homes staring at our rooftops, studying them for blemishes or imperfections? Probably not. The reality is as long as the roof is still attached, we're more than likely not going to pay much more attention to the roofs of our own homes. Yet our rooftops are so important for the initial impressions they give someone viewing a home for the first time. If your roof is clean and shiny, people will notice. If filthy and ugly… they'll notice that, too.

Besides the way your roof looks, there's a huge contrast that comes into view depending on if a roof is clean or dirty, and that's structural integrity. Your roof takes a daily beating by the elements. This not only includes dust, rain, intense heat, high winds, and pollen, but it also has to put up with organic matter such as algae and mildew. All of these things can wreak real havoc on your roof, and if left alone for too long, they can start to eat away at your shingles and damage the structure. There's only one thing that can keep your roof safe from this kind of damage, and that's professional roof cleaning services from a pressure washing expert.

The Benefits Of Professional Roof Cleaning

Your filthy roof is not only unsightly, but the dirt it collects may jeopardize its structure. So, it needs to be cleaned, but by whom and how? Is it possible to DIY? Not unless you have required training and industrial equipment. Should you just wait for the rain to rinse it all off? If only it were that easy!

Roof cleaning needs to be done by experienced professionals such as Ej's Powerwash & Detail. There are too many important factors and risks to consider when it comes to cleaning a roof that you don't want to place your wager on novice pressure washers. Professional pressure washing is the only safe choice when it comes to roof cleaning for a long-lasting shine and avoidance of unnecessary damages.

Professional roof cleaning requires a more delicate form of pressure washing known as soft washing. Soft washing uses a much lower spray of water pressure to shower your roof, avoiding the dislodgement and damage of shingles that a regular high-pressure washing would cause. Just as important as this are the use of strong cleaning solutions sprayed through special nozzles that loosen and break apart the attaching materials that mar your roof. The result is a bit of a foam shower that coats the entire surface area. Once this foam has done the trick, it, along with the pollutants, is safely rinsed off. The result brings your roof a fantastic, like-new shine and finish that greatly increases your home's curb appeal and preserves your roof with protecting sanitation.

It can't be overstated how amazing a roof looks after it's been professionally washed. For picture-perfect roof cleaning, don't hesitate to enlist the experts at Ej's Powerwash & Detail! Roof cleaning is only one of the many areas outside your home that should enjoy proper maintenance from pressure washing. Other things like deck washing and gutter cleaning should also be on your list. Luckily, we've got these things down to a science, too, so don't hesitate to trust us with all of your exterior cleaning needs in Simpsonville.